It's time for a table.

Simply put, we build tables and benches that provide a place for you to love your neighbor. A Neighbor’s Table is a substantial piece that makes a bold statement in any backyard, and quite literally puts you elbow to elbow with your neighbor. It is a combination of straightforward design and robust natural wood.  Crafted of solid planks of Western Red Cedar, our tables and benches are a nod to the Texas landscape from where they are made.  Every step of the crafting of our tables and benches is done by hand in the Harmeyer family barn.  Our tables and benches come in 9-foot sections, with the flexibility of configuring them long, square, or separate for various occasions and spaces. 


We invite you to celebrate the nostalgia of hand-craftsmanship, to welcome the beauty of slowing down in our modern world, and to just be present at the table. There is simple beauty found in a handcrafted piece of furniture, but the real delight happens in the gathering.  We are artisans of the table for the purpose of cheering on others to gather.  By purchasing a Neighbor's Table, you are warmly welcomed into the Neighbor's Table family. We can't wait to meet you!

Table Details

  • Handcrafted farmhouse-style tables and benches.

  • Tables and benches are made of Western Red Cedar; with time, they age to a lovely gray patina.

  • Tables are made in 9-foot sections, with the flexibility of configuring them long, square, or separate for various occasions and spaces. (each table measures 107" x 39")

  • Each table includes two benches - each 9-foot bench seats approximately 5 people. (each bench measures 103" x 14")

  • Because "the more the merrier," most people order 2 tables and 4 benches. When placed end to end, the 2 tables seat 10 on each side with an option to put a chair on each end to accommodate a total of 22 guests.

  • When tables are placed next to each other (square) we found it seats 18 comfortably.

  • We can customize the size of a table for your space at no additional charge.

  • We offer a variety of stains and weather protectant if desired, or pieces can be left unfinished to allow for an inviting, natural patina.

  • We are building a Neighbor's Table family across the country as we personally deliver our handcrafted tables. We offer to help throw the first gathering with you and your friends, celebrating the love you'll share around the table for years to come.

"I honestly didn't know about Neighbor's Table BUT my wife did. A call to Sarah and it quickly became the best "gift experience" I could have imagined. It culminated with Sarah personally delivering the table and joining us to dedicate it along with family and friends. We're delighted to be part of the Neighbor's Table family."

jason Stanfield | Neighbor's Table Owner | MABLETON, GA

Love Stories


We dream about what our country might look like if we loved our actual neighbors. Will you join us with a Neighbor's Table in YOUR state?

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Frequently Asked Questions


How much does a table cost?

Tables with benches start at $2,100, with optional add-ons such as weather protectant and / or stain.  Delivery costs are determined based on location.

how long does it take to make a table?

We like to keep our tables in stock and ready for delivery, but we prefer to have an 8-10 week lead time.

what is the process for getting my table?

We don't ship the tables...we deliver them to you personally!  Once we start the conversation about your table(s) and receive your deposit of 50%, we get to work planning your delivery.  Since we schedule the delivery trip, we announce to others that we'll be passing through their state. We try and fill a truck to split the costs among several stops.  We also love to join you for a dinner party the night of your delivery to help you celebrate this table that will be the center of memories for years to come.

Are your tables for indoors or outdoors?

Most of our tables end up in a backyard or on a patio, but we've also welcomed friends into the Neighbor's Table family who have them inside their home.  So we say they go anywhere you want to gather your people!

do you deliver internationally?

We are not offering international delivery at this time. We recognize that we have devoted friends outside of the United States, and we are working hard to find a solution. 

let's start the conversation!