Remembering Launch Day

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 10.50.34 AM.png


The morning of March 1st, as the sunshine was breaking through my office window, Kadie Smith joined me at my computer. She’s the brand and web designer who has helped bring the Neighbor’s Table story to life in new ways. Terri, my trusted “wizard of all,” joined us virtually by Google Hangout. For the three of us, it was a momentous day – the launch of the Neighbor’s Table website!

Terri smiled and asked if I would mind shooting a quick text to some friends to invite them to join us in the celebration. I thought about gals who had walked the journey with me, and squealed with delight as, one by one, they responded to this spontaneous launch party online.

Those who know me best know what a big deal this website is to me. For years, people have encouraged me to move beyond a simple landing page and an email sign-up form, but I was always hesitant and fearful.

The faces began popping up on the screen as my little team prepared to do whatever magic they do to make the website go live. One friend was at her desk at work, another was getting her kids ready to go to school, another was preparing for a day of writing, and another was chasing after her precious littles as they crawled around. It was truly a “come as you are” moment for everyone – a handful had no makeup on, most were drinking coffee. 

And all were celebrating this moment. 

A friend prayed, and we started the countdown.

10 – 9 – 8

Austin was counting, and Denver was counting.


Charlotte was counting, Houston was counting. Dallas was counting.


My heart pounded as Kadie pushed “go live.” We all screamed and cheered as a couple of us wiped tears from our eyes. I’ll cherish that moment forever.

At one point, a friend said, “I feel like we should invite your bathroom mirror notes to this party.” I smiled. 

You see, there are three notes on my bathroom mirror. Simple sticky notes with powerful words of encouragement.

“Strong God, I am watching You do it.”

 “His pace is perfect.”

"Throw it hard and throw it well."

I’ve looked at these notes every day for what feels like years. They’ve been gentle reminders to me that God is in control of the Neighbor’s Table story, and that He would move it forward at His pace. He’s reminded me that my job is to steward what He has given me, and to do my best.

This month has been every bit exciting as that morning we launched the website. Many people might just think it's another website, but in many ways for me, it is a brave way of sharing our story and this love mission we're on together. Thousands of you have visited the site this first month and we are blown away by your excitement and support. For those of you who have said “yes” to this love mission just this month, we are so thrilled to make these tables and deliver them to you. 

Our Neighbor's Table family is growing and we thank God for you. Together, we are watching God do it at His pace. Remember, friends. All we need to do is honor Him with our best.