Maybe this sounds like you.

If you're like most people who drop by here, you know there is more to life than just checking off your to-do list.
You thrive at connection and creating a space where others feel comfortable.
You love the life that happens at the table. 

You are the type of person who thinks about others around you.
You're kind and open with a heart for people.
While loving those around you, you're quick to include those you don't know as well.

And gathering at the table is one of your favorite things.
You are a people gatherer.

What's holding you back? What's stopping you from loving the people to the right and left of you? 

What's keeping you from slowing down and being present at the table? 

We know how you feel. Life is full and we get busy doing things without committing to being with each other. 

But that doesn't have to be the end of the story.

With encouragement, a table to call homebase, and a small willingness to do life differently,
we think you can live into your role as a people gatherer.

Let us help you prepare the table and love your neighbor. 

“Neighbor’s Table is not just another table. It’s representative of a movement – bringing people together, gathering them, and celebrating differences and common ground. This is a sacred place.”
— Anne Csorba | Neighbor's Table Owner, Houston, TX

Here's your invitation.

Our story

{Sarah here} Neighbor’s Table unfolded as all good stories do, organically. In 2011, I took a huge leap and moved to Dallas, Texas. I was running myself ragged from chasing everything shiny. My performance-driven, young professional heart was looking in all the wrong places for validation and approval. Then a good friend helped me stop and put a plan in place to understand my identity from God’s perspective. I slowly began focusing on being more than doing and I started to confront the things that had held me back from being who God designed me to be.

For months, I reflected on how I’m naturally wired and thought about the moments I felt most alive. I kept coming back to what I loved: gathering around a table and celebrating others.

I asked my father to build a cedar, farmhouse-style table, big enough to seat 20 people. We placed it under the oak tree in my backyard, dropped chandeliers from overhead, and started inviting neighbors, friends, family, and even people I met at the grocery store.

I set a goal to serve 500 people that year, one dinner party after another. The 500th guest walked up my driveway on Thanksgiving Day in 2012. Now years later, nearly 3,000 have been loved at that table.

The power of community that now gathers regularly at the original Neighbor's Table has spurred a desire to launch a love mission. While on this journey, we've met many people who have the same passion for people gathering, yet need help in making it happen. To meet this need, we build custom handcrafted tables and share inspiring stories as well as our favorite provisions. Our dream is to have our tables in backyards across the country in every state by 2020 so that you can love your neighbors too.

We have a growing Neighbor's Table family and partnership worldwide. Are you ready to love extraordinarily around the table? Join our love mission. All it takes is one word: YES.



Sarah is the Founder and Chief People Gatherer at Neighbor's Table. She has a way of connecting with anyone she meets and loves a good story. Outside of gathering at her own table in Dallas, she loves delivering tables across the country. Sarah loves travel in general, and often journeys to visit friends and to share her story with various groups. When she's not working, Sarah gets weak in the knees for Twizzlers, monogrammed shirts, and her new niece.


We call Lee the Chairman of the Boards around here. He’s also Sarah’s dad, and the one who built her original table for her Dallas backyard. Lee has since agreed to build tables for others across the country. After retiring from a career among big oil companies in Houston, he now makes his home in a small Texas town south of Austin. He likes the quiet of the countryside, listening to live music, and making tables for new friends in the Neighbor's Table family.


Terri handles all the daily details of this love mission. She’s the Wizard of All at Neighbor’s Table – maintaining relationships with our business partners, internal and external communications, assisting with table orders, and doing #allthethings. In short, she does the work that allows Sarah to do what she does best. Terri craves a good queso, sings better than all of us, and loves a fun Young Life skit with costumes. She is married and a mother of three, and delights in gathering people at her own table.

You're invited. Love your neighbor.

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